Tuesday, 2 October 2012

part of getting older

Well more and more of my friends are getting married and having babies... And yet, the only wedding I have been was my own. That's understandable since I'm always somewhere else...  
So here we go...

Me and Katerina went to the same school, she was a year below me. Last time we met we were in the airport waiting for our connecting flights, she was going to Paris with her mother and sister I was going home to Wales. We chatted like old friends for 2-3 hours, yet we never been really close, I guess we just fell in friend's love for each other. And we stayed in touch. Later she announce that her boyfriend proposed ..  

Winter wedding, everything is white and snowy! Pretty! 
Now they have a baby girl Sonya, she looks just like her dad with gorgeous red hair!
Now that's a young lady I'm hoping to meet next time I'm in Russia.

Out of nowhere the news that my old friend from school Tanya changed her name and her profile picture...  to this one

One radiant bride! I'm truly so happy for them. 
We been friend for as long as I remember but then she changed school... It was sad but we are staying in touch. Not as much as we should but you know she is training to be a doctor!

Last time I spoke to my friend Anna, she was all about... oh you know I think I'm ready to get married and have babies...

She wore that beautiful knee length dress with some marabou feathers, very cute!
And now these two have 8 month old baby girl called Aphrodite, very unusual name... very unique. I suppose I never expected anything else! 

and then where was the secret wedding in Mozambique... 
My old friend Maria currently living in Australia  her other half is protecting wild life in Africa, so she's somewhere around... and next thing I know they got married!
I think I actually screamed with delight when I saw the news on Facebook.

At the time they were in Mozambique talking to their friends saying how they want but cannot get married since they are never for long in any country ... so 2 phone calls later they were getting married the next morning in local church.
She said they really didn't understand they preacher since everything was in Portuguese. 
She wore a simple white dress she got from the market, flowers were picked from around the area... 
this was just such a hear warming story... 

I am so very happy for all of the people mentioned above and ones I haven't mentioned... There are a lot of them. It's a part of getting older: more and more people I know are getting married, having little ones... 
This part of getting older is much nicer then having greys!

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