Thursday, 18 October 2012

Just enjoying my time off really

I think it is a well deserved holiday! Especially considering that I had 9 days of work in a row with 3 split shifts... very draining! But hey I made most of my time... by doing as little as I can.. 

So the highlights were...

My friend Charlotte needed models for her portfolio... Yes it is that serious! 
So far she published these 

It was a bit surreal... she did not like me pulling faces! It is so hard not to stick the toungue out to the camera. But she was truly great, told me lots of times that I'm doing great and how beautiful I was.. Oh you!! 
So, Charl, I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures.
We also drunk wine, talked tattoos, films and men! 

Couple of days ago I was waiting for hubby to come home from work so...
I did some cross stitching... because of the size of this reindeer my hands were hurting so much... 

But it is super cute... and a start of Christmas project... I will make a little framed picture out this cross stitch! 
Also might be reusing this pattern to make a table runner... I have no idea how but I'm sure I will have tons of fun and sore hands doing it!
Yeah I am already planning for Christmas and quiet excited about it! 
I actually bought some presents already! 

Also me and hubby made Sunday dinner together... Well I turned the oven on and set the table

Also I made gravy! 

Food was glorious!

This is just a quick recap of what I was up to last few days... will be reporting more later today!

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