Saturday, 4 March 2017

Let us praise the strong women

And may we be them and may we raise them! 
I just have seen hidden figures. And what a treat of the film it is. I didn't know much of the actual story and frankly I didn't think much of it before. 
It was truly fascinating. Especially since my gran taught math and I hate math. 


The way these brilliant women been treated made me really sick and I also realise how privileged I am just of my slightly olive skin tone, I am still white. 
How stupid it is to judge some one by they skin colour.  And as Janel Monae character put it it is something you cannot change! With all that strong will and super sass she is definitely my favourite heroine from this film. We just should be 1st! 
I also truly loved Octavia Spencer character's determination to keep her girls working. When did we as women began to be so mean to each other. We should support each other and fight for each other. There are still plenty walls and ceilings for us to break down, we need to work together... not tear each other down. 


Since I am not in the real world at this very moment I am blissfully unaware of workplace judgments bein a stay at home mother... I truly hope that we as women can be supportive. But I know not everyone as enlightened as me. 
One of my school friends lives for French language so teaches her little one already. Little flower is younger than my son but she has to battle every week with this question but why do you do this and being judged. I did try to tell her to ignore but as we know it is harder said than done. 
The other day two mothers with little kids watched me fight with my spirited toddler over a jacket, I could see the resentment and judgment. I didn't want to say that they will have this to come I wish they kids would be obedient and lovely... I am sure they will understand very soon what is what. 
But for now I will be brave, hard working, and will try my best to raise my son feminists. 

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