Monday, 13 March 2017

International Women's Day. Two Ways

I grew up with 8th March always being a holiday. In Russia there is also the Men's day, technically it is for gents who served in armed forces, 23rd February. But until fairly recently only 8th March was a holiday, however the February holiday is now official thing too. Guess men felt too left out. 
Well if you are Russian or former USSR you are aware that on 8th of March you will be getting presents just for being a girl and having a vagina. No matter the age. It's a thing. And that would be pretty much it. 
Living abroad where the day is just a day... but I think either I have started paying attention or the feminism was in the air this year.
And here is everyone's favorite feminist...

Lots of ladies shared photos and stories about their inspiring girlfriends, actual real life examples of female awesomeness were all over social media. And of course some of my male friends asked the old time question "when is men day?" And I was pleased to see that a lot of people replayed that it is everyday! 
Yes calls to activism on 8th March are louder somehow. But I just really enjoyed the stories of these nightly ladies who made a difference one way or another. It was nice. And I m so ok not having this day celebrated like a Russian lady. Oh look you have a vagina have some flowers. I am not saying it is wrong, I was just happier in celebrating these awesome women and one day I hope to be one of these. 
While my friends from back home were sharing pics of their gorgeous flower or handmade cards from their kiddies here in UK I observed a more empowering message. 
I wonder if we can combine the two. Have some flowers for being a girl or identify yourself as a woman, but also look and read about these awesome chicks!

On the same note really want to get this book
To read it to my awesome rebel boy.... Feminism isn't just about women its about equality of everyone!

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