Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Card Holidays ....

My hubby is a chef and I myself have been working in the industry for years so when some one says you might have to work the bank holidays, I don't even blink. I am used to it. 
However it feels a bit different now... 
Now that my job is being at home rearing a child. 
This Sunday just gone it was the Mother's Day in U.K. It's a nice holiday I guess... all the family getting together to celebrate these important women. 
It is also a very busy day at restaurants ... just like St Valentine's Day! It became overcrowded and commercial. I don't need this public displays of affection... also what is it like for people with no one to share these holidays with. But maybe I just being a grouch! 
However... this happened: 
I got this strange feeling that my two year old didn't out enough effort in... I don't know just felt down seeing all he families together enjoying the rare sunny day here in Wales. 
But he made me a card... well nursery staff made me a card.


But then I sort of snapped out of this.... 
And thought about consumerism and how happy I am to have that little rascal running after me and licking my nose. Yeah it's a thing. My child when feeling extra affectionate climbs on me holds my head and licks my face... 

So happy holidays if you are celebrating! And happy Sunday if you are not! 
And yes I know it is Thursday! 

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