Friday, 27 May 2016

Love the box...

Well remember the time when people used subscribe to newspapers and magazine? Well I sort of do and I still subscribe to a magazine. It is cheaper I love it and I got a present for singing up. Not a very useful one but it I do use that cc cream every now and then. 
I also as you know subscribe to an awesome My Little Box. I haven't been posting much about this but it is freaking awesome and still is. Their last one the dolce vita was marvellous, perfume is great, ring and head band are cute. But to be honest I haven't tried the leg cream, well I don't what or need my legs shiny. Mama is happy to have this amazing complexion that second my bare skin sees the sun it gets happy had glazed. 

So I am running out of space for my samples and make-up and what nots so it looks like I will need to take the break for this. But we agreed to put money to something else. Like a man box. A nerdy man box. 
Big man and I are away on father's day so we thought we get our dada something fun. We got him Nerd Merch box. For half the price. And it is his favourite nerd thing of the moment, the Dead Pool. It is fun. It is a mystery box as per usual. But I thought it might be like figurines or something like a comic. We have got however 2 tees and a hoodie. And what an excellent value for money it actually is. 

They are excellent, but we won't be ordering any more of these. Dada can't have more clothes what so ever... 
So next month we are hopefully will be getting other sort of box. 
It is all rather exciting! And stay tuned! 

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