Friday, 27 May 2016

No job offers but...

So job search is ... well get it all out of me. And so far nothing suitable. It's ok when you can work any day coz someone else can actually cover. But Stephen is a chef, unstable hours all week long so I either need a 9-5 Monday to Friday or a part-time work during the week. And I tell you what some people do not understand part-time when they are advertising... muppets! 
Oh but this isn't what I wanted to talk about. 
We have decided by persuasion of entire family me and Edgar are flying to Russia! Yay! Holidays!
It was a bit touch and go on the child's visa but the awesome man dropped it off today and we are flying Tuesday. 

I hate the whole visa thing, trip to London, expensive train fare, dealing with grouchy people in visa centre. I supposed Russian's are made jump throw all sort of hoops to stay in the country I see why it is fair in the way... but it should not be so complicated. 
Anyway visa is here we are busy packing and happy to go to visit my parents and Russia. Where it is much warmer. 

Here is Edgar ... Helping... not!

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