Sunday, 29 May 2016

Surprisingly good

So I did it! I run my 1st 10k this year and as you know from the privious post I was scared. 
My little love, child that hates sleep,got up super early. This was not helpful! So I had way too much coffee and got a stitch. Now this is something I haven't had since my very 1st run back in 2010. 
The weather was glorious but not good if you are running and trying to do the same time as you did last year, I was busy chasing the 60min pacer. 
And on the start I was really worried about my legs. These things didn't want to work well really. Had this pain I have during the warm up. Not something to out you in a good mood for a race. 

Then also this chappy started crying as I walked away to join the awesome ladies who run this yesterday. Like tears and that he is never going to see his mama again... Silly boy! 
But as I was walking to the start I saw Ruth, from the Running club, who was super pumped and cheered me well up! 
So I run! And I run! And splashes my self with water. And it was hot. I finally caught up with the pacer and stupidly I over took her. Why oh why oh why! 
Oh but never mind I did it and actually shaved off 5 seconds of my time:) so yay me. 
I also got some massive blisters big well done from Ruth there might have been a hug too, but I was too hot to remember! 
I also have some funny tan marks. But nevermind I did it! 
There was a truly different ladies running it and no matter of the result we all did amazing! We most definitely Can! 
Also want to mention how great the support was. People cheering their friends and other unknown to them runners. There was a bunch of kiddies with little banner to cheer the ladies who run. 

 Oh and tees this year are great. I think my last year one either shrunk in the wash or actually is too short. I don't like my giggly bits showing when I run. 

My mother in law got really happy hearing my name called out as I crosses the finish line:) she's slowly getting into the spirit of it. Who knows I might even get her to volonteer at one event! And then we went out for a well deserved lunch! 

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