Monday, 29 February 2016


Back in the, was it 90s or early naughties when Madonna came back with awesome Ray of Light album and new fitness thing yoga? Well ever since then I was very interested. Mother of course saw it as a cult and wouldn't let me go. With time I forgot about it and when I did remember thought that one must be super educated in the whole thing yoga before attending. So it never happens.
Pilates yes, even Wii Fit Yoga happened but never the actual yoga. I was still too scared. And I did crossfit class few times?! 
I also like the idea of yoga... You know the whole Zen feeling calmness and no violence way. Considering I was pushing myself all last year to get a PB in 10k. I know I seem controversial but hey I am a woman therefore I am a mystery. Or you know crazy. Which ever you prefer. 
So adding more to this confusion my mother now is a fan! And while I m here I in Chelyabinsk city I went to her class. Terrified. I was also late. So I couldn't talk j will probably fall down in some poses. Oh well.

One can definitely clear one's mind with this skyline.

At 1st when I came in and listened to all the instructions about the calmness and freeing ones mind I though damn right it's not for me! But longer I stretched and listened to my body the more into yoga I became. We did few dynamic circuits if you like and then I felt like home... But without loud music. I was sweating like a ... Today my body is aches from stretching and holding poses but I am so ready for more! 
So where to find yoga in Cardiff anyone? I am definitely a fan! 
Oh! We have DDP yoga at home this one is definitely dynamic. 
Now I'm trying to revive my tired we body in the pool and little hammam. 

The teacher I had also sells the awesome  sweets and other treats! These lovely people are so nice and inspiring that we will be rolling some at home in few days!

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