Friday, 19 February 2016

Walking snowmen

We are actually away in Russia on holidays. Seeing the family, playing in the snow.
Hubby for the 1st time ever seen the real snow if you like. If you are from United Kingdom you know that we, or you, don't do snow. It's all panic and everything stops. Here in Russia we, they, just get in with it. Stephen couldn't get it why my parents weren't excited that it was snowing? He on the other hand had a sparkle in his eye like a small kid at Christmas time second he spotted a snowflake coming down.
We just returning back from our 1st time snowboarding! Oh my! This was so much fun.
We had an instructor for one hour to explains the basics and show us bits and bobs. Excellent lady by the way called Anna. Imagine the snowboarding girl and you will see her, fresh blond smiley! Considering that a lot of my school mates and my step sister are very keen and always comes winter on the snowboard I never even stood on one. 

But now I can tell you blime! I really didn't think it would be that hard. Yet starngely satisfying when you finally make it down without falling down:)
I really wish we could go up to the moutains again and again ... I need to perfect my skills... Well I need to leant to fall down less. Same goes for Stephen. 

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