Monday, 1 February 2016

Date night - Stephen's Christmas present

I just love presents that give more than things, that give experiences and emotions. So the awesome gift he got was the tickets to see Ed Byrne

My dearest said that he will always make this lovely face .... 

It was the 3rd time we saw him. Steve himself saw him 4 times. And every time we laughed so hard...

It is also very nice to see how his comedy changes with his circumstances. Now he is a parents and talks a lot about his kids. We can definitely relate to that! 
Mr Burn also comes across as a feminist. Which is awesome! But he has his own reasons for that... So freaking funny! 
Actually he did talk about the important stuff. But in a funny way. 
And I must say if my child picks up his own clothes they do not have to be gender specific... So hooray for pink shoes and leggings!
And we are so getting a DVD when it is finally released. Loved you Ed! 

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