Thursday, 18 February 2016

Girl power!

So when I say girl power I don't want to talk about spice girls... But they were empowering and awesome! And some of them became power houses, look at Posh Spice... 

Oh sorry kids who were born after 1999 this is Victoria Beckham. 
Finally strong females are taking slowly the centre stage! About freaking time I say... 
Firstly it is Katniss Everdeen. Admittedly in later films she became a big damaged girl but she's strong! And on my never ending list of things to read. 
But how refreshing are shows like Agent Carter. She is not only a super woman but she understands that point in time she was very accepting of her less special role and that "I know what I'm worth" . Gosh just the fact that she knows she's a badass female and doesn't need any male approval.... 

Then I came across the Blindspot. Not so sure about that but Jane, Jaimie Alexandre cars yet, most definitely a strong female. 
But one I really want to talk about is from the Galaxy far far away... Rey from Star Wars. Force Awakens. This Star Wars film I actually went to see twice. You see I wasn't sure if the hype I felt after seeing it once was the correct feeling. 

After the second time with giggles and sheer Aww I decided that star war was for me. Not the original, which was a hit stiff for my liking  (and how on earth this is PG) and definite not the reboot the prequel (no more JarJar brings) this new JJ Abrams version is for me. It is all about Rey and what she is about to become. She comes to the rescue even if she a not sure how to help yet, has integrity, talent and just believe in her own powers. She is like agent Peggy Carter, knows her worth. Can't wait to see more of this! 
Now what I also want to see is more awesome females and that they will be recognised! 

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