Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sunday - race day!

Stephen said to Edgar while pushing his pram to the park to the start "yes, Egg, that's what she does... And fairly regularly!" I guess Egg will be my biggest supporter. 
This Sunday I did the Women's Running 10k. And it was awesome! Really nice route, even if we had to do the 2 loops. Pacers did the amazing job so did the marshals clapping and cheering the runners. 
And I had such a great time that I didn't realised that I smashed my personal best and got this result!

Steve and Dickie are fascinated that I must be super annoyed at these 47 milliseconds... Oh well but it is just barely over and hour when I expected to finish in a hour and 2 or even 3 minutes! It was a pleasant surprise! 
And as we know race day doesn't finish at the finish line. Oh by the way check out how awesome the goody bag is! 

And the medal is extra lovely too with back engraved with date and place of the race!!

I do think that I actually managed to do this run due to extra work with Nike running club. Even if I am the slowest person there! 
But as we all know this the race day never finishes at the finish line... We went to Wahaca and Street Food Circus.

 It was so much food and rather fun cocktails! Like candy floss vodka! 
Another big thank you to my awesome support team!!

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