Thursday, 11 June 2015

Babushka time!

First of all let me make it clear... these are not babushka dolls...

  Traditional Russian nesting dolls called Matreshka. 
Babushka however is grand mother... or Kate Bush's song... you know this one

Now that is clear I can tell you that Edgar's Babushka, my mother, is here in Cardiff. 
And it has been wonderful. Egg giggles at her and I get to sleep in the mornings. 
She is actually here with the mission to take us to Russia for holidays... Imagine travel on the plan with almost 10 month old active little boy... Yes I cannot either.
But then I also worry about the time there. Would little one have a jet lag how does this work in small babies? What if my parented will drive me absolutely mad? What if my friends don't want to hang out. That is not that I have many friends left. It is all very worrying.... But cannot chicken out of this now. We are off to Russia on Friday.
And dearies in home town, I do not know yet how busy we will be but do get in touch if you wanna meet up, I shall make time for you!

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