Sunday, 7 June 2015

Oh is there no female leads ... At all?

Marvel is owned by Disney. In case you didn't know. So these awesome fun action films have big budgets and you know they will be a blockbuster! Well most of the time. 
But what about that dad who took his little girl to get a Gamora action figure after they seen Guardians of the Galaxy to Disney store... And found none. 
And now just out of the interest I went to have a look on what about the Age of Ulton... I loved Scarlet Witch and loved how they let more light in on Black Widow's past... I found this...

And this ....

The camp looking litre figurine is Mr Marvel.... What!? 
It is like there were no female leads what's so ever! How is this possible!! I filed utterly discussed! Sure there are lots of princess outfits but what about girls who kick arse?! 

I am very happy to see the development in the princess' characters they don't just clean sing and wait! They shoot for their own hand, run away and work hard to make their dreams come true... 
What message does this send to little girls? Sure dear, you're ok to wear a pretty dress but to wear trousers and maybe learn martial arts is a no no?! 

What's up Disney?! 

P.S. If you do want to get figurines of kick ass girls Amazon has some. 

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