Thursday, 9 October 2014

new thing

Nothing can prepare you for this... No matter how prepared you think you are. Hey I was supposed to have a nice water birth...

I thought I was terrible at this to start with. I couldn't calm him down, he wouldn't feed properly I was so stressed out and worried. So my baby blue kicked in. I have never been depressed in my life, down at times, but never like that. Scary. 

I am all better now. Happy, provided Sir Poops-a-Lot is not grouchy or even if he is grouchy. He is my amazing baby!

It is still very strange to refer to him as "my son" or think of my self as mum. I am trying not to over think about this too much... and the fact that somehow I feel older. Maybe because my only grey hair made an appearance again.

Egg is being more active every day. He stopped hating his bouncy chair and we have been to baby massage classes. Got a cute certificate. And have been looking for a baby club/play group to join, more for me I think than for Edgar. So I won't go bananas. All we do is eat, sleep and go the park... Now we sing, dance (Egg's in the sling) and sleep next to other babies play.

It is super nice to see that other people freak out about the babies too, also nice to see what is soon to come. Little 11 month old Leela was very interested in Egg's sleepy foot. All the singing put him right to sleep...

Well it has been a roller-coaster of emotions. I would never change it. But one thing it would be nice to have a tincy bit of free time.... I miss gym and cinema.

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