Thursday, 5 September 2013

the progress so far

I can say that I am actually proud of my self. I am keeping up with training. 
It is also hit me, thanks to Twitter, that Survival is less then a month away.... But we are heading to Spain a week before, so I guess I will have to take my gym kit with and stay indoors for a bit and on top of what I m eating and drinking. Kind of serious holiday... 

Today I woke up early and went to the gym, good tunes really keep you going and I also run home after. The GPS on my phone was a bit off so it told me that in first 5min I run 3k and my average pace was 1k per 1min 30sec. I mean come on! Would love that being true but then that would make me better than real and elite athletes! So I had to restart that... I do not feel as tired as I was last time, when I did that. I guess not doing 3 classes and then running home did help. But I'm intended to do the same again on Saturday... 

So I'm keeping up with training. 

But I do not have my sponsorship... Please guys and girls! 
Lots of love, I'm going to slowly get ready for work xx

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