Monday, 9 September 2013

End of An Era

It has been announced True Blood is to finish with season 7.. I think they did a great thing with the books really, well take them as a guide line but do their own thing. It is a fun show too watch with some sexy sexy actors... 

Today I went to London to pick up my visa and I actually finished the last book about Sookie Stackhouse. 13 books I have been on that amazing journey. I have changed houses and even cities during this time... I think I'm over thinking it:) 

Anyway, I do feel sorry for Sookie. Charaine Harris did say the truth that she did put Sookie throw a lot of horrid situations, I was reminded of all of them in the last book. It was a fun read as usual. Good ending. I guess it correlate in a way with ending of the series. 

I will miss you True Blood, books and series. 

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