Sunday, 15 September 2013

in a week I will be in sunny Spain!

I got the visa! I know for most of people the whole visa concept is rather bizarre but for me at this moment it is a sad reality. But after many trips to London I got my passport back with shiny new visa!

I celebrated with steak and a red wine. I would say it was the 1st red of the season but I had some in Russia so the season been kind of opened already.
But the steak! It was so good!! ... everything else was a bit average but the steak!!

this beauty been cooked in Garfunkel's next to Paddington tube station.... My waitress was great. Chips were average, but I had good food and great value for money. 
I actually, dispite the weather had a good time in Grey Capital. But the shock... instead of HMV on Bond street station there is a Forever 21.... Not sure how I feel since I have not been actually getting actual CDs and Books in a while, but it was like a special escape place for me when I was studying not far from it. 
Oh well... But I saw these lovely things...
St Christopher's place is more fun now...

TOTORO... Need I say more?

And some awesome owls... in hats and belts. 
At that point I realised two things... London Selfridges is more interesting that Brum one. Sorry guys. And that my train was leaving in about 25 min... 

Now I guess I'd better start packing for holidays... 
and a week after next on Sunday I'm doing SURVIVAL!! AHHHH!!
and then a week from that I'm of to Ukraine for a wedding and family thing!
This will be a great September and October... despite the weather.

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