Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I have started a new job... It took forever to find, and I would not say it is a dream job, but it's a nice full time position. It is really nice to be back in the hotels again. But I guess I still did not gave up on becoming a personal trainer. But not yet... 

On that note... today I did an intensity class, it was actually so hard. I did not think that I can star jump with 5kg in each hand. God it was hard, I am actually a bit scared how I will be feeling tomorrow.

But I also want to tell you about my obsession... Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments books. I am obsessed! I cannot put my kindle down, work does really interfere with my reading. I am on the third book now.

So as you know film is out and have been looking forward to it and I actually already seen it twice. Thinking of it I might go see it the 3rd time. I think I actually formed an opinion about this film. I think it was the best what they could have done and actors are spot on... Maybe not Lucian, my very favorite Aiden Turner, this awesome man should have more of the presence, they really did not develop the character... But Clary, Jace, Alex and Simon are spot on I thought. 

I am a little ashamed to be reading a teen (I guess) novel... Not it is not a teen novel it's a fantasy and very complex dialog and emotions. Something I think you also might enjoy. 
I am actually going to take a break and read something else after I'd finish the third book..

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