Tuesday, 20 August 2013

my little Russian adveture

So after the longest journey ever I finally got there.... Place where I get to do as little as possible be fed, given booze, treatments and treats!

How funny is that shot glass?!
And no I did not drink any vodka! I do not do vodka, unless it is in the cocktail.
Did things I haven't done in a while... such as been bitten by bunch of mosquitoes and other evil insects! That's country life for you I guess...I also got to pick the veggies from the beds and eat them!!

Went for a swim in the lake and in the river. Do not think I ever swam in the river before. It was a rather surreal experience... You swim against the current but the current is so strong that seems that you do not move at all... 
I finally saw the place my parents are building. Going to be mahooosive. 

And we also went mushroom picking... I haven't been since I was 14 or something like that.

I also spend some quality time with some amazing people and animals... I missed my cats so much but these monkeys did not recognise me after 2 years. 
Dear all I will miss you a lot and really look forward to my next trip back to Mother land.

Stayed Tuned for more pictures.... 

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