Saturday, 8 June 2013

we are settling in

We moved to Birmingham.. its was a long day.
Yeah at some point I was entertaining the pets:) 

 Very special thank you to Viera, who was amazing and come to give us a hand in moving. 
As us girls went for a drinkie to the pub my amazing husband was left home to deal with all that madness of furniture, boxes and bags...
We only moved on Thusrday but already almost finished bedroom, mancave, living room and kitchen.

Although we had to rebuilt some things twice and Stephen shouted at me... He was so annoying that he made me laughed uncontrollebly. I was like in halves on the floor giggling away. Oh btw how do you like this wall paper, it actually glitters too and has soft bits. Seem to be expensive but still looks a bit like brothel wallpaper. It grows on me ... slowly!
Today we went for a wonder around... sat in the sun for a bit in Warley Wood

And then we played with our garden. I actually learn to plant stuff.

Stephen is very green-fingered... we weeded, racked, tidied the garden. Needs more work and more plants we think... But Daisy seem to like it.

She was digging for Britain in one of the flower beds, and then she eat that thing she was digging for. 
She was out in the house for the 1st time today too, well she doesn't like fake wood laminate... Bunny was dragging her back funny. But then she thought of chewing on the wallpaper in the living room... 
Daisy been told off and put to cage for the evening. Naughty bunny!

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