Saturday, 29 June 2013

I have been busy

This week seems a bit never ending... I spent two days on the trains from and back to Birmingham.

I went to Bath to tidy up the old flat...

Walking from the house back to the train station I was think that this city is very beautiful and I was very miserable there. I walked passed the old work and I did not come in to say hello, I am a little be confused about this. I do miss you guys! 

Then the next day I went to London to Russian Embassy to pick up my passport!! Woooo!!
The journey it self was good, apart from the dude next to me who was chatting on the phone to some one for the whole time! Like an hr and a half!! Crazy!
I was in a queue for my passport for one hour, this is not a great organisation I got to say... But I have it now  even if they did not spell my new married name correctly... 

To celebrate and kill some time before my train back I went to Camden. Oh Camden, wish I was where earlier and had more time to look for treasures. I did get a hand painted top from a cookie Korean painter. 
Market got bigger, and changed a bit too. I went to look for some vintage stuff and instead of these shops I found a building site for cafe... 

These stalls and horses sculptures where there at all when I lived in London. I guess it is for the best but I do truly hope that it (Camden Town) will stay as unique and as random as it always been. 

Now that I have my passport I still cannot go to Russia, not just yet. We all going away to Spain for my mother-in-law's birthday so being Russian I need to have a visa. I have an appointment on the 11th July for the visa application and do hope it won't take too long so I can escape the horrid British weather for hot summer in Motherland, besides it's has been almost 2 years since I have been there last.

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