Monday, 17 June 2013

I m back to the real world...

Now after we left Bath I can finally rejoin the "real" world...
Or as Viera put it Daria is a "happy bunny" world... 

I am back gymming to PureGym and just singed up for Cineworld unlimited card!

So I though I do it properly. So I singed up for not one but two classes at the gym, I did work out properly. And after that I was in a lot of pain for two whole days! But my legs and butt feel amazing!

And to test drive my new cineworld card I went to see Epic!

And it was soo cute!

Colin Farell with his sexy Irish accent.... Funny slug... Steven Tyler as a caterpillar... How cool could it get. 
Oh did I mention that they ride the birds and have cute little saddles on them?!

Although it is one doomed love story... 

Right well I better go back to unpacking

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