Friday, 15 March 2013

Owen came to visit...

Well we were going to go to take a tour bus and have some lovely lady or a gentleman tell us all about Bath and lime stones and Jane Austin... They love telling about Jane Austin. That reminds me must read some:) 

But if were anywhere in UK today you know it was certainly not an open top bus weather. Such rain! So we went to Roman Baths instead!

Always fun to learn things... Well we have been here before, but some things were missed last time. Although rain made the experience extra moist!

I do like the idea that the head on the temple is a mix between Minerva, having a bath and Gorgon... and surprisingly a man! 

Romans could build pretty with beautiful mosaic. 

Do not really remember who these dudes are but they are just so cool!

Shimmering coins. Perhaps wishes to goddess Minerva... Oh yeah did you know that Romans used to leave written curses so the goddess will resolve the issue, usually punish someone. It is your fun fact of the day:)

We had a fabulous time in Baths. 
Later boys went on adventure to look for shops with innuendo names, like Sausage shop. Owen had a pictures of all the sings and I went to work.
It was a fun day!

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