Monday, 4 March 2013

Making Stuff...Old lippy to tinted lip balm

I was tidying my makeup bag... the lovely yellow and black Luella make up bag by the way:)

And I found some unused lipsticks... Sometime you think colour would be great on you, or some one gives you one, so I had quiet few of these. It is such a shame just to throw them away, waste! So I thought to make a colour I might actually like.
It is very simple! I referred to Queen of Crafts book

Great book by the way, very inspirational with a lot of useful information. Not like some of the crafts book that just look great, but have no use. I actually find my self referring to it every now and then, Jazz Domino Holly is one expert crafter and you of course can get this book on Amazon

So what I did:
-few old (unused and unloved in my case) lippies
-vaseline (we been gifted a massive tab some time ago)
-heat proof bowl 
-pan with hot/boiling water

The heat from the water will warm up the bowl where I placed cuts off of dull brown shade lippy and some shiny scarlet colour one, couple of generous size dollops of vaseline; all the ingiridients will blend nicely together. Pour the liquid into a container, wait till it sets and enjoy!

This is the final product due to amount of vaseline in it is more like a tinted balm. 
But you can always just use lipstick colours. Also you can add a drop of essential oil to give nice fragrance, or even edible glitter for extra sparkle. 
And of course the little pot can be fancier, I just used some stuck on traveling jars I picked up for Boots ages ago. I am actually planning to make other shades to fill the rest of jars.
I love love making stuff! 

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