Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Addiction... TV Series...

So I had these 5 days off for my birthday... Oh it was so lovely! 

I went to see Hobbit twice, by the way it is much better in 2D....  I also saw Rise of the Guardians... very nice... so I though "I shall find something else to watch"... It was actually Hobbit related well dwarf from Hobbit and major men candy Aidan Turner.

So for the past few days I have been watching Being Human... and today I am up-to-date!

BBC people do the great series... if you don't agree, check this list out! 
Coupling, Black Books, Dr. Who, Life on Mars, Spooks, Sherlock, Pride and Prejudiced .. even Eastenders... Now last one been on the screens for decades now! 
And what great writers, actors too.. Also.... Men Candy Alert!
Jack Davenport, Dylan Moran, Colin Firth, Matthew Macfayden, David Tennant, Jack Barrowman, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and of course Russel Tovey and Aidan Truner... 

So I sat down and I actually found it hard to move from the sofa for few days... All I wanted to do is to watch being human...
I am always a fan of a good vampire, werewolf and ghost story... Like True Blood or Buffy.

The dialogue is so beautifully written, everything is very touching, complex and just amazing language, the plot is great too...(well at some point it got a bit too much... read on)...  The characters feelings and emotions are so touching... you just really feel for all of them... Everything on the edge and  highly emotional. And it has been filmed very close to home in Bristol and Barry Island!

Yes, languege is amazing... I am still thinking about this and have to say it is well written. All about how we all re humans and monsters at the same time

So where I was watching the end of season 3... Oh My God! Such a great ending... so sad! Yet happy... 

and then there were new characters... But I stuck with it and what a pleasant surprise, it got better! I am very much looking forward to New Year and new series of Being Human... Actually I think of James one of the bar staff at the "office" is very much like Hal.

I am toying with idea of giving the American version at the moment... Unless some one can recommend something else...
Talking about the ending of being human season 3... We were at the pub couple of years back that is and some random dude was telling me how "omg I cannot believe this happened on being human, I am so devastated" needed a hug... I felt the need for a hug after ending of season 3 and season 4

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