Saturday, 22 December 2012

23 again!

Nobody think I'm 27, even I don't think I'm 27.... And I am being asked for an ID all the time, so logical thing was to tell everyone that I am 23...

At this moment I am feeling more like 127... but it will pass...

We went to Bill's restaurant with hubby. It was lovely... service style is a bit strange but maybe they haven't quiet got this yet... Table wasn't great but I guess one day I will learn to book a table for my birthday!

This amaretto sour was soo good! So I had two:)
We skipped the starter to save space for dessert. I had great mussels and fries. Lovely sauce with skinny fries on the side... dream!
Hubby had some very good looking lamb stew. These dumplings were too good to pass on but yet, I didn't fancy them, might have to go again!

Now this is a massive pumpkin cream brulee. Not quiet what I expected, thought it might be with some warm spices in it... Like pumpkin pie... but not quiet. I think there is some space to improve... 
In the evening we had friend over, played board games and drunk some... well mainly me and Dickie and Owen... Viera been attending Christmas parties all week long and Dessy and Mike had to dash to another do and they had to get up really early since Dessy had to be at work 1st thing in the morning!

I got some great presents, including a book on preparing to half or full marathon! Thank you Viera, I might even give it a try and hubby is taking me to Paris... OMG! I'M FINALLY GOING TO SEE PARIS!
Don't know when yet... lots to do before that...
Oh and this...

Now I smell like flower explosion! 

Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday! This made my day extra special! 
Internet is great! I got wished from all over the world! 
Love you all guys! xx

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