Monday, 12 June 2017

Wonderful Wonder Woman!

I love a good superhero movie. Yes a lot of them are damn similar and but they do entertain and such. And this is point of cinema, provide escapism, entertainment and hopefully send a good message. 
I am not much for DC universe, these films take them selves so damn seriously. Oh Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman (BVS:DOJ as no one calling it), I guess Sucide Squad was better of all them but still not without fault.... so to be perfectly honest I did not have much hope for Wonder Woman. But trailers look good, I didn't see much of them but it was... well there was something captivating about the teasers. 

I was actually rather excited and would love to see WW on opening night but it didn't happen. Also I have listened to interview with Gal Gadot on Kermod and Mayo film podcast (whittertainment) and it made me happy. But then they read out some of the listeners review and the opinions were very split! From glorious  praise to calling it anti feminist. I am with the delighted guys and gals!
SPOILERS Further ahead

It is super nice the rare female superhero take lead for a change even if with couple of men at her side. She all about love and humanity. Such a refreshing notion really. 


It was nice to the amazon island and get a peek into their history and origins. It was nice to see bad ass women just being strong. And the scene with the shilled on the island! Oh my goodness! 
Also it was super nice to see actresses who weren't in their 20s to take centre stage... so this Carrie Fisher popped into my mind when she asked if everyone can see her since women after certain age are invisible in Hollywood. 
I personally don't see WW as a super pro feminist film. It is a very good super hero film who happened to be a woman. And it is a refreshing change. It is also the 1st film of this kind to have a female director. And this is great to. And in my option it is the most successful one from all the DC franchise. So let us women do more! 


One of the negative comments was that she have fallen in love with the 1st man she saw... umm wouldn't you fall in love with Chris Pine with his "above average" well everything?! Looks like he played a massive role in introducing Diana into the real world and he did a great job! 
And then some one else said that she could only fight and defeat the big bad because of super sad thing that happens and involve the man she loves... well she didn't experience any of these emotions before so makes total sense! Stop trying to pick on WW for being well human being! 

So all and all this film show a different kind of super hero, who is so kind and will fight injustice. 
I cannot wait till my son is old enough to see this film! 

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