Thursday, 1 June 2017

Teasers and trailers

As you might already know I am a big fan of a superhero films. And I tend to gravitate towards Marvel but will give DC a chance. Actually very much looking forward to go see Wonder Woman next week. 


But film maker and promoters made me super angry of late...
Do you remember the trailer for Captain America Civil War when the casually put Spider man in the end? Or the X-Men Appocalipsis, when they got Logan scraping walls in the very end too? 
I get you need to get bums on sits and sell tickets and merch but with such well established franchises I honestly don't think these are necessary. Wouldn't it be a nice suprpise to see these guys when you are actually watching the film?! So annoyed. 
However there is another thing promo people do: out all the funny jokes into the trailer ... however irritating it is they make these comedies like 10 a year and some of them are pretty awful so I guess I can agree with untruthful representation of this kind of film in the trailer. 
So this brings me to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2... 

like with any other marvel films I prefer not to know the story. Especially since I have never read the comic in my life so I was trying the avoid the trailer. Then hubby said there is a major plot spoiler in the trailer... and it's a massive film release. And I go to the cinema fairly regularly... gosh this game of avoiding all the trailers gets super hard and annoying. But I have managed.... just. Actually had to walk out as I got into the screen once. Looks like a right nutter! 
So I guess I would express the majority of cinema goers that spoilers in the trailers suck! And suck soooo much!! And please trailer makers, production companies, we will still go and see films, don't ruin the experience by giving away the plot twists and cameos in the trailers. Thank you!

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