Tuesday, 2 May 2017

So retail not for me

Last few weeks I have had adventures in trying to get a job in a very nice shop... in order not to offend and perhaps general witchines (with a B) I shall not say what shop it is. But if you are friends on Facebook you know. 
So these guys had a notice outside their shop about the "recruitment" event. Well I thought you don't know unless you try.

Well it was something I definitely haven't done before and something very different. 
There was a massgive amount of people, think must have been about 80-100 of us turned up. And I was the minority, everyone seemed to be young and fresh, and born in 90s or even 00s. Strange feeling of not belonging came over me, like I am old and uncool. Husband texted saying that I am actually vintage.... 
I was almost the last person to get a one to one interview that lasted like 5minutes and been offered the trial shift. 
This got me very excited. I didn't think about it much. But when I got there and was let loose on the customer ... well I guess I just like to asses people first. Some one them just bored and pop over to kill time. I mean I quiet regularly do this myself and really not impressed when some one is trying to "assist" me. 
When I was sent home I felt super down. Like poop and totally disappointed in myself. 
I didn't hear back from them. Perhaps actually keeping people's cv handy or not taking email addresses on scraps of paper... oh never mind. 
Later same day I realised that I am just being silly, I never wanted to work in retail, I also wasn't sure if I would be able to make the hours with childcare. Would they accommodate my childcare needs? But I guess we will never know. 
What I did take away from this is that I can blab my way in without much difficulty. That I don't want to work in this type of retail. That happiness and perkiness should be real and not put on like a mask, I love genuine happiness. 
But it again brought me to the thought about flexibily... most of the employers want flexible employees but they aren't willing to be flexible themselves. Damn childcare is such a complicated issue... 

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