Monday, 1 May 2017

British Films

The easiest thing for me to do is to run away to the cinema. I love it. I have an unlimited card, I pay monthly fee and go to the cinema as much as I want. Even if it is too see the same film, yeah thinking about Rogue One. Gosh I loved that one so much!
But somehow lately I have managed to see mainly, British films. And these films couldn't be more different. 
First one I saw was Free Fire.


Oh my how different the story is... and it appears that everyone shoot like a storm trooper...badly. Basically a story about the shoot out and how things can escalate very quickly. This film is also very funny. Like super funny. Shame it wasn't in the cinema for too long. 
Another film that was in the cinema just for a week is City Of Tiny Lights


This film is actually adoptation of Patrick Neate's novel with the same title. Sort of a detective story, and a book I think I would rather enjoy... but my reading is mainly consists of Julia Donaldson and other wonderful kiddie writers. Maybe when I will have a bit more free time. I really enjoyed this film and I really enjoyed the interview it's lead Riz Ahmed did for Kermod and Mayo film review podcast... 
If you have time do watch this film. You will enjoy it. 

And the last film I saw, that had less diversity was Their Finest 


Good war time tale of movie magic to cheer up the masses. And one woman's struggle to make women's contribution known. It is not nessesary and feminist story but it has this feel. Visually this film is stunning and nostalgic I guess. Funny moments are funny, sad moments are super sad, and do not trust the artist. 
Once again a very good film, very enjoyable. This picture will appear to mass audience more than the other ones but it doesn't mean either of these films are bad. Their just very different and the last one just ticks all the demographic boxes. 
So yeah 3 very different film and all three were definite worth my time. Even if the chap in the row behind me was singing along with characters in their finest. Very strange. 

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