Monday, 10 April 2017


I finally went to see Logan last week... 
... Damn! 
So let me start form the beginning. I enjoy X men franchise... but I haven't seen them all. I missed the Wolverine  and the X Men Apocalypse (from few summers ago). But unfortunately I have seen the last stand... it was poo.

 But nether the less I do enjoy my superheroes with mutant flare. 
I have heard good things about Logan. But also that it has very graphic violence and is a very different film to all the others... and weren't these people right!

Good story telling, and truly heart breaking throughout. You know when you see a film where kids are in peril it is sad but when you are a parent and ... well I was in tears good few times. 
It is also a good stand alone film. Like Fantastic beasts. You don't have to be invested into the universe. But you still can enjoy the film. 
The young Dafne Keen is great, such a excellent performance from such a young actor. 
Now the big question is if I would see it again.... and you know. Yes I would. Not this year perhaps but I would love to see it again. 
I am just working my way through the old X Men films... and they hold pretty good. 

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