Thursday, 23 July 2015

Race for life 2015

So the best way to get into it is to run a 10K ... It can be anything, life, sports in my case it is life after long holiday. 
This time it was different... I didn't feel pumped days before. I guess I was just preoccupied with Edgar's sleeping patterns that are by the way are all over the place.

When I have opened my race pack I was totally in love with temporary tattoos. They are so cute and almost everyone had some if not all of them on! Yes we are the wild bunch!

The race for life is always ever so popular... So many lovely ladies in pink and with determined look on their face turn out. Apparently it was about 3 thousands of us on the day.... They did it for both 5 and 10K hens the turn out. Well the 5k normally more popular one, I was gutted to see the amount of people for the 5K v 10K. 

Well race for life is not about the result... it is about the turn out, awareness and girl power. You can run it, jog it or walk it. It is good fun! This race is special for me because it is with race for life I have started running and my love for fitness and all things sport... 

The medals were extra cute this year, they are like army dog tags... you know Pink Army! However, and if hubby is reading he will be peed off with me for mentioning it.... If the events are to be together again I will be doing 5K, so I won't have to make the hard way throw the walkers of the 5K.... But it is not about the race it self it is about charity and turn out! 
And I think and truly believe I have completed the 10K in 59 minutes! 

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