Sunday, 26 July 2015


So the best way to celebrate your forth wedding anniversary is to do a 10K race, go to the cinema and go to 5 guys for a burger... Well you know all about the race  now I would like to tell about my second favourite instalment of Marvel Universe. 
In case you are wondering the Guardians of the Galaxy is my favourite Marvel film! And I have seen it like 100 times! 
So we after leaving the little man with Gramy we headed out to see Ant Man. All I knew is that Edgar Wright refused to direct it due to issues with Marvel but still did the story and such.. Oh and of course that Ant Man super power is to get really small.

Well I got to say it was really cool and so much fun!
We get to see the back story the new story. We got to see the no offence to anyone less important Avenger and we saw Agent Carter. Speaking of a lovely lovely Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)
she has her own show Agent Carter. It's awesome, she's such a badass!! Big fan right now. Oh and if anyone can tell me when it is on TV because I have been checking the sky app everyday!
So action packed, fun and very engaging. I thought Paul Rudd as a super hero is excellent! That man just gets better and better with age

Basically if only I had time I would be seeing this again and again... But I don't really so waiting for DVD or even Blue Ray. We re thinking to collection for our little man of awesome geeky films.
Oh and why I like this film... it is link to all the Avenger, Infinity Stone blah blah thing, but stands on the outside of all the Avengers, Iron man and other usual suspects. Just like Guardians.  

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