Friday, 31 July 2015

Motherhood. Quick updates.

Today Egg decided to mushed banana into his face.... while the banana was still in the bowl. It was just too cute! He is learning new things, like cuddling, eating new things, chewing things properly and chasing after mama.
That is super hard! He runs, as fast as he can, and yells at the closed door or at the blocked stairs.

But he also forgets how to do things, if before he was waving like a mad person now he barely does this. I suppose we need to practice more...

It was also a week of new things. We finally met lovely Lucia, Egg was so pleased to see another little one. When we were walking around in the restaurant we looked into the pram with a little 9 week old baby. Eggy's face was a picture, he was so pleased to looked at some one who is so small. Although he still did not master "gentle touch" he really wanted to touch Lucia but he just wanted to do the usual bashing. So that didn't happen, but she did touch him. So freaking adorable.
Also as you know my little one is walking around we had to get the big boys shoes.

Motherhood is hard but it is so much fun! 

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