Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Mum came to visit!!!

It is hard some times to live away from your family... You do not see each other very often, frankly I do not know what we did before skype and smart phones!? But then I guess I saw them every winter for Christmas and New Year.
I haven't seen my mother in the flesh since last October when we all went to Ukraine for my cousin's wedding, but it was literally for 2 days

And I had so much planned... She never been to Birmingham before, so I thought we can see the Jewellry Quater museum, Botanical Gardens, Art Gallery, do a canal walk.... 

But between getting lost in town, drinking Guiness and unpacking our house... we didn't do much of the planned things:( I feel really guilty about this... But I have been told not to be silly do not over do it and brush my hair. Last thing never happened!

She also helped us to plant things....

Lots of things.... But garden post is still to come;)

Think the botanical gardens was a success... Think she took pictures of everything, with hope that she can show them in her landscaping club and tell them "look what I have grown in my garden" Cheek!

Mum also helped me to get more or less organised for the baby to come. Baby clothes and muslins were washed and ironed... 
We also got the essentials, pram, baby carrier, breast pump and some bottles.

Despite mainly doing all the hard work she seem to enjoy her time here. She said that she never gets to do things for me anyway so it was a nice change.... And "please pour me some wine"... 

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