Friday, 4 April 2014

worries....bit of a personal note.

My hubby is amazing, he is like super supportive even if he s calling me things... I know he means it with love.

I am freaking out.... 

I really not in control of my body, this upsets me great deal. My joints clicking, my hips are hurting... and many other unpleasant things pregnancy related, sore and bigger boobies are just the start. I do not think I will be able to run the half marathon this year... Sad face. 

I'm super worried about the birth it self..... (do not think I need to elaborate on this)

My emotions are running high and crazy.... doesn't help that I cannot unwind and slightly overworked. Well I guess I need to find the way how to, that doesn't involve me running fast on tread mill listening to shouty and loud music... Shopping is not that same either. It's just stress, all I see if the things I cannot wear, so no cardio a la Carrie Bradshaw. 

Stephen said to me that he feels more maternal than I am... Well I did not expect to be pregnant so fast, I did not expect to react to this like that.... Well I guess you never know until it actually happens.

But do not get me wrong, I am super excited to have my baby boy. Teach him things. Watch him grow. Go roller skating with him. See if he can draw like me and cook like his father. ... I guess I'm just really really scared. And I really want to meet this baby already, he been kicking a treat lately. Soon even Steve will be able to feel him move. 

Apart from emotional craziness and bit of physical pain and exhaustion, the pregnancy is going good...  

Any advice anyone? 

Well in the end I guess I just need to deal with it.. with less craziness. 

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