Friday, 18 April 2014

Names names names...

Me "well that is a bit American, don't you think?"
Stephen :" Agr! The baby is half Welsh half Russian! What sort of name you want?"

Yeah and that it is. We have few names in mind but we will wait. See what he looks like... We might want to name him one thing but he really wouldn't look like one. 

I do think that out mate Owen really looks like Owen, same way Stephen looks like Stephen/Steve

However think about your friends and think if they look like their name.... Like my bestie looks like Nick or Nicolas even but he doesn't look like Kolya (what we call him in Russia)

So we have.... as options: Jack, Seth, Chase, Trent.... Nate (if I have my way), Dylan .... But at the moment baby is a Lentil or Raziel Jr if you prefer it. 

We are waiting.. and I'm so not obsessing about what would we name Lentil. Can we name him Lentil? 

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