Monday, 14 April 2014

Few fun things I saw and took pics off

Exterior wall art... 

Hearts are everywhere... Just like Drew Berrymore's book

Festive? No?

Awesome retro looking mosaic in the pool I go to

HOW CUTE IS THAT!! Want that jacket!!

This just made me laugh.... Also I really don't get the British Tea with Milk thing. What is wrong with you people?!

Totoro with NoFace mask. Need I say more?

Otter figureine. Didn't get it, coz it is not quiet there.... But it is very very cute

And for the 1st time ever I actually won in lottery. Not a million but better than nothing I guess. And I won £2.10 today too:) #winning

Spring is in full bloom! Check out these colours.... 

In other news we are on the move. Nothing major, no city change. It is actually nice just to move to the new house, so we are covered in boxes, packing tape... 
It is actually bit tricky to do with the bump attached. But he is being a good sport and doesn't make me hurt much.

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