Thursday, 18 July 2013

wondering around

So as you know I m not working much so I am wondering around a lot...
I wondered so much around that I got my self into 3 jobs interviews, one is a no, another is a yes and just waiting for an answer. Yeah, I do want the last one to yes, come work for us.... So you know I can get more shoes!

I also booked holidays to go home! I cannot actually wait. I haven't been in Russia for 2 years not and planning to have so much fun there... the downside it is still a 24hr travel day there. I will be leaving sunny Brum at 4am on the 1st August and getting to my home town just after 5am on 2nd August. Crazy right. A lot of time traveling to be done, 5 hour difference it is not a joke people!

But for now I am just enjoying my self as much as I can... I put some of our pictures in the house today. So it feels more like a home rather than a house. I just cannot stand bare walls, yes I know this is very very strange. 

I'm spending my time going to the gym... Got to lose some of my flabby bits before holidays and look more awesome. (Hey, one got to say nice things about oneself) 

I went to see cool Now You See Me...

 Stay tuned on that one I will be doing a post here about this gem.

And hopefully I will get to see more of our new city.... Actually we had a really nice tour yesterday... Walked around had lunch next to canals

Then been shown how compact the city center actually is... and then Phillipo took as into a most amazing, cutest pub ever Plough in Harborne

It was one amazing day. Very very hot day. Actually proud of husband not getting grumpy that he had to be out of the house in the heat. I guess it was because of Phillipo if it was just me and him he would have complain. 

And tonight I have something really fun and different planned so as usual, do not go anywhere

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