Thursday, 25 July 2013

It is One Week

It is one week until the longest flight ever... and the most amazing holiday. Back Home... Back to Mother Russia!
I actually cannot wait. It has been two years... Two very long years! Don't get me wrong, I love my life here, I did meet the most amazing people and most amazing things. I moved 3 times in last 2 years... and it was stressful. Last time I went home I run away from my hubby's injury and being on a lot of painkillers, so many that I had to wake up twice a night to make sure he took his meds and were not in pain.
But anywho... I'm looking forwards to spend time with family. To be pampered and not to think about anything. I just switch off. I guess in the way it is an amazing luxury, when you can just switch off and think about other things. I rarely worry about my peeps in Chelyabinks (yeap, that it's one complicated name for a hometown) well apart from that space attack in February. 

Some fun facts about my hometown. 

I'm from South of the Ural mountains... These mountains are actually a natural boarder between Europe and Asia. And there are sings to prove it... 

One side of this pointy thing says Asia another Europe. 
Population if Chelly city is around two million people that it almost population of Sunny Wales where my hubby is from. Although in some ways we are still considered to be "deep into a country" place. Funny and ironic. 
On the flag of the city there is a Camel
Not because we have camels there but because of the silk route going near to the town. 
During the WWII Chelly city was referred to as Tankograd (Tank building city). There are a lot of tank there..

Now you know a bit about my home town.

I cannot wait to fly home... Oh yeah, I will be leaving Brum at 4am on 1st August and I land in Chelly at 5am 2nd August. Mad right?

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