Sunday, 7 July 2013

Stephen's pre birthday festivities

It is hard when you move to the new place.... You do not really know where to go and what to do and most importantly you do not know who to do it with. Luckily our friends are amazing and always come to visit, and vice versa.
Owen came over for couple of days... and we were heading to Alton Towers. Well we thought we were.
We went to Dudley Zoo instead and clouds decided to clear out so we had a barbecue in the garden after.
For a smallish zoo only 30 mins away from our house it was actually quiet fun and big. 

Walking around lemur enclosure with them just running free next to you... 

Here is Owen talking to monkey... "Hey Monkey... Monkey!!! Hey Monkey..."

Actually he has a quiet a wild life whisperer... Do not know how long we would have waited for penguins to go to the water, if Owen didn't have a stern word with them. .. True Story!

For the barbecue I was supposed to clean it and make a dessert... Oh! Strawberries and marshmallows... 

We had a great day. Shame about of Alton Towers... but hey must make most of it! So we did!

When I will eventually figure out how to upload a video you can see how cute the otters were! Begging! and juggling with stones! So cute!!!

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