Thursday, 22 November 2012


Shopping is my cardio... since the epic fall from the stairs at work it is my only cardio...

Went out today... soaked! Winter is Cardiff is super wet, some places actually flooding.

But I have seen some beauties... 

these reindeer look so rustic and special! But we really don't have space for them... So go get them from TKMaxx

My love for military style will never die! 
I only need longer and skinnier legs... Well I don't have these but these Zara jeans are cute! 
Speaking of military, so gutted it's cold now and I cannot wear my vintage jacket. Camo all the way! 

I am in love... damn these small feet of mine! Topshop's size three is way too big for me. 
All I wanted is to march out into the rain with these on my feet... 

Just too cute! Need I say more?

Well I love owls... I think it's a family thing! We love owls... I want one as a pet, but it seems unfair!

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