Sunday, 18 November 2012

it's a race day!

It's a race day!

I had an extra long and extra bad day at the office.... got home and stayed up till 1am doing my play list....

and I am absolutely gutted that I cannot do dash in a tash.... I fell down the stairs at work last night and bruised my hip, have this light purple muscle bruise. It's super painful...

Let's just say when I tried to turn on my left side when sleeping and felt lots of pain... 
For the 1st time I went just to see the race... My number was there just sitting and waiting to be picked up... So sad!!
But! I am super proud of hubby he finished at very respectable 1.10min!

Fantastic time for the 1st race ever!
Annalie did amazing too! She run it in super fast 51min!!:) 
It was one great event, lots of mo around, some fake some real and very glorious! 
Seen people dressed up as superheros, fuzzy animals, sexy nurses and french maids. There was even a lady running with the pram, so me and Owen decided that next time he will dress up and giant baby and I'll be pushing him... Well we also need to find a big pram!

Well hope I will be running soon... Just need to find a race to join!! 

And massive thank you to Owen to keep me company and cheering for wonderful tashed runners!

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