Saturday, 12 March 2016

Traveling with toddler

Travelling from one country to another... With two flights and a train journey is hard. Now try to do it with a toddler that won't stay still for a moment... 
We are back now from Russia to sunny and windy Wales. The travel actually wasn't too bad, all things considered. He slept on the 1st flight for about half an hour and was really pleased about the lady behind us and in front of us. That kid is such a charmer when he wants to be. 
We barely survived the layover. Oh by the way the worst service in TGI Fridays in Sheremetevo airport. It wasn't busy they weren't rushed off their feet or anything. To order it took like 15 mins, then for my drink, Pepsi light, it was another 15 mins... Oh and I never seen my change. We waited for a bit but big man started to kick off big time... Well I guess I wouldn't have tipped otherwise. I never felt this way before about the service anywhere... And I worked in that industry!  
But the cabin crew on the flight to London were excellent! One of them held the big man while I was dealing with the pram. And on the way out while I was holding the big man again they have tied my shoe lace! Aeroflot you have surprised me and provided an outstanding service!
Big man slept for most of the second flight! 

But the train journey was hard work. The plane has limits for Edgar to move around... However the train is free to roam around! He found the dog to look at and be amazed by. Quick hallo to the lady owner she was lovely! 
Then we talked to a new mum and her little girl. Someone was very charming again. They talked to each other! Was just so cute! Ladies, we don't know your names but hope you had great time at grandmother's in Bristol. 
Then Edgar was set to steal the suitcase of the blind gentlemen and wanted to play with his clever guide dog... 
But then we have finally arrived. 
This Monday was the longest ever... We were up from 3am Chelyabinsk time then I went to nap at 3pm Cardiff time until 8.30pm and went back to bed at 10.30pm. While the big man joined me in bed and in zzzz land at 4pm and woke up at 5.30am... Poor lad was tired! 
Well I'm looking forward not to travel I internationally for a while! 
But if you are travelling with toddler... Pack food drink and toys and clothes... And do not feel guilty. You have to travel. And you happen to have a child with you.  Everyone can just deal with it.... They them selves either traveled with kids before or were kids, and I bet they weren't as well behaved as your kid!

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