Friday, 15 January 2016

Shiny. Nudity.... well it must be awards' season

I love fashion. I love films and series. Yes I am actually addicted. Well aren't we all in a way. It is sad but it is true....
The award season is upon us. And anyone who is anyone wants to strut their stuff... 
Golden globes. Fun all around. But here are the looks I loved the most.

Jamie Alexander in this awesome geometrical print gown. She is in this new show that I have been meaning to watch. Doesn't she look beautiful yet some how fierce? 

My favourite gal Alicia Vikander... is simply divine...

She is the actress to watch. Even if she was in that pile of... 7th son. She is just like a fresh wind in the tones of dark gowns and cut outs. 
Yes, what's up with all the cutouts?! Or Kate Hudson in a bandeau? I don't get it.

Eva Green even if so pale but some how that shade of Champagne works... Unlike Roonie Mara, now that girl needed her colours rethink. 
And I truly enjoyed the Gaga's old glamour... even if she did bumped Leo. 

Think that JLaw and JLo are fab. 
Jenna is just so beautiful and Olivia Palermo is the dress I want to have!

But this... 

Kate Blanchette is stole the show in my book. Not too dressy but so wonderfully understate and high fashion at the same time. This woman can do no wrong... 

And if in doubt. Go for shiny!

I love this look on Melissa Mccarthy. She is just such a beauty in this. 

Would you agree with me on the distasfull nakedness of the cut outs and some strange colour choices? Like think Giuliana Rancic.... 

And as for men's fashion I really loved David Oyelowo 

That's a man who is not afraid of some flare! 

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