Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Year

2013 was really eventful for us and a very busy year... we moved 2 times and not just around one city but we moved from Cardiff to Bath and then from Bath to Birmingham. And at the moment we are on the look out for a new place, not in another city thanks god!

We had a lovely family Christmas, Steve cooked I provided the entertainment by falling asleep, chasing the pets around and doing dishes.

 We actually had a Christmas part II just this week when we went to see the family in Wales. Great time was had:) lots of food and laughs... actually I think I worked my abs coz I was laughing that much!! Wish all the holidays were like this.

I have only few goals for this year... Stay healthy, run another half marathon and just be happy. I know that sounds a bit hippy-ish but hey I can do amazing things when I put my head to it!

think this picture is an excellent example of "when I put my head to it". This handsome beast now lives with Owen. I wish I could make a copy of him for my self!

This year I will try to be more crafty and healthier.... and this is all I have planned for my self. So no stress!

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