Thursday, 16 January 2014

January Cure: Apartment Therapy Blog

Love the place you're in... Well at the moment I hate our house, it's just so cold, wet and unwelcoming somehow. Or maybe its just me being a crazy fool. Or maybe its after holidays blues...

Apartment therapy blog is always so inspiring and has amazing people contributing to it, I do often just look at this blog for relaxation, daydreaming and advice.

This month they trying to get us out of the rut or holiday blues with January Cure. (Also I do hope this will make me more organised in my house life)

1-Create a project list:

  • lose dvds and games next to tv
  • books and bits all over the sofa
  • untidy extensions rooms
  • all paper work all over the table and not in order and under the coffee table 
  • dust... oh dust!
  • kitchen cupboards. After my lovely hubby cooked us Christmas meal the kitchen is in a mess, I actually do not know where everything is. It must be dealt with!!
2-Weekend chores (Days off chore in my case)
  • Floors and carpets
  • flowers
  • under the kitchen sink!!!
3-Mindful 10 min
 The blog suggestion is to sit in the place ou never sit and have a bit of me time. I think I can do that. But I can call it...
3-Craft time!
  • Totoro paining 
  • Sew a hot water bottle cover
4-Steps to success
5-Deal with your project list (one by one!)

I think it not necessarily has be be called January cure, it's just a cure to be better and I shall give it a try! Here is a link to all the list, I dare you to have a go! 

I am off to tidy and orgainse all the paper work I have scattered on my coffee table under my coffee table and in my spare rooms. See you on the other side

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