Thursday, 7 June 2012

Best Present Ever...

Well I have been asked few times at work to stay longer... Last time I was asked to stay "for a bit" a bit turned out to be extra 5hrs of work. So I jokey asked for a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes ....

Last week hubby called said that my lovely general manager Jamie  to ask if I can stay longer the next day. I said no. Then next day they both were asking me if I'd say at work longer... Well in the end I said yes... Next thing you know Jamie takes me outside and says "You know how I promise to get you a present?" and gives me tickets to see Mumford and Sons!!

Yay! Best night ever!

Pic quality is not great! But it was an amazing gig...Sigh no more they sang with no mics... St. Davids Hall has an amazing sound!

Even my hubby who never heard about them enjoyed him self... But he did say that even with me bouncing up and down he could still see pass my head!

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